Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Amerence's Daily Adventures will be Posponed!

Hi guys, Just thought to let you know that Amerence Love WoW Daily Adventures will be postponed on June 22, 2011. There are few things that I have to do within this 2 weeks time. But as soon I get settled after my move to California I promise to give you more updates and will go back to my routine. 

The reason I wasn't able to post anything too is because my guild is currently lacking of members to raid and every night since Tue last week we end up having a pug to join us. And this week our main tanks are out of town. So basically as we logged on in game we just do 5 man dungeons, dailies and nothing else. I miss raiding a lot, but due to my schedule at the moment I can't. Once I get to California I will look forward to raid more again so please bare with me. 

Also, Just to keep my blog going till I get settled in California. I will be posting the 15 days Screenshots: Through your Interface Challenge by Saz at World of Saz starting tomorrow for the time being and I will just schedule this post to be put up daily. Hope you will enjoy the screenshots as much as I love taking them in game too. 

I will be active and give you updates too through my twitter @amerencelovewow so add me! Thanks guys for reading, commenting, and visiting my blog. I hope this will not disappoint you, Thank you for all the support! as of right now As I was checking my Feed burner I currently have 35 subscribers so far, I know some days will varies but it's better than nothing right? the average are 30 people and I'm grateful even with just that for now. So I thank you so much! for keeping up with me this past month since I started this blog on April 25, 2011. So Hope you guys Have a good one! =)


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