Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 5: Saz's Through Your Interface - 15 days of Screen Shots Challenge

Hi guys, Another day for Through Your Interface - 15 days of Screen Shots Challenge by Saz of World of Saz blog. Today, it's about My title of choice. I never get a chance to actually grind a lot of reputations and do all the quests to get many titles, and I never PvP either. But I have only have these titles that I am proud to have Assistant Professor, Champion of the Frozen Wastes, Flame Warden, Jenkins, Starcaller, Twilight Vanquisher, The Explorer, The Kingslayer, The Patient, The Seeker, Shattered Sun, Argent Champion. and the most accomplished one that I always wear is the Ambassador.

The Fifth Challenge: Title of Choice

The most proud title I had since Burning Crusade and Wrath of Lich King. I grind my ass to collect all cloths so I can turn in to get exalted in all faction in Azeroth. After getting the title it shows my determination and motivation to keep moving on and play World of Warcraft, that is why I chose this Title and it never gets old.


  1. Hi guys, thought to let you know too that if you Click the Image, You can Enlarge it and see it better. thanks for reading, Hope you like the Screen shots =D

  2. I've always loved the Ambassador title. Sported that one quite a bit until I snagged my Salty title. You also don't see too many people wearing it, which is a tad surprising considering it wasn't terribly difficult to get if you had the cloth!


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