Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 9: Saz's Through Your Interface - 15 days of Screen Shots Challenge

Hi Everyone, Today is another day of Screenshot Challenge by Saz at World of Saz. It is about My Character's Home Town, this is not just about any home town but it is about where my human character in game actually hail from. As we all questing, if you actually read each of them, there are stories behind all of it. Before Stormwind, The Lordaeron was once the great capital city of the Alliance. After the tragic death events of King Terenas, The area is literally haunted by the Scourge and the city's destruction.

The Ninth Challenge: Your Character's Home Town

I chose this Screenshot as a reminder of the Human Races before King Arthas murdered his father and the city is no longer full of cheerful people enjoying the sun, but the demons such as Darkhounds and Duskbats lurking nearby. Now, all that remains is the Ruins of Lordaeron, Located in The Undercity of Western Plaguelands. So Before questing in Northshire and Elywn forest the Human citizens of Lordaeron moved to city of Stormwind that is now the capital city of the Alliance.

"Since the Fall of Lordaeron, the kingdom of Stormwind has become the strongest bastion of humanity and the most powerful force in the now multiracial Alliance. Led by King Varian Wrynn, the people of Stormwind hold fast to the principles of honor and justice as they defend their settlements and their families." - WoW

Anyway, Just thought to share this screen shot to everyone to refresh everyone's thoughts about Where Human race started and knowing What was my main character's Home Town originally came from. Thanks for dropping by and reading my post. Have a good one! =D


  1. Hi guys, thought to let you know too that if you Click the Image, You can Enlarge it and see it better. thanks for reading, Hope you like the Screen shots =D

  2. Wow, nice pic Amerence! I've ever seen UC look like that even though I've been there hundreds of times!

  3. @Sparrowgal

    Thanks hon, Yep the city was once beautiful, this place is full of darkness now. but still a good spot to look back and knowing the history of the Ruins. =)


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