Sunday, June 19, 2011

Out and About

Hi guys, Sorry this is not a WoW related blog post. But just thought to let you know that I can't access my computer right now I will be travelling back to California with my Dad for a whole day Road Trip from Iowa to Sacramento,California. I know it may sound like it will be too tiring to drive but, Dad and I are planning to drop by in some great places like Grand Canyon and will share these pictures as soon I arrived in California. I am sure Dad and I will enjoy this trip this is a great Father and Daughter bonding for Father's day. This will be one of my Memorable Summer Vacation Ever!

Until I get all my stuff done after my move in California, I promised to get back on schedule with my posts. So I apologized in advance if I can't post anything after today. All Amerence's Daily Adventure and Screen Shots challenge will be postponed on June 22, 2011 (change of plans all resume now on June 27, 2011) or as soon everything is fine after my move. Sorry for the Inconvenience... Though I will still be online on my Twitter @amerencelovewow for updates using my phone. Thank you guys for visiting, commenting and reading my previous blog posts. I appreciate it. Thank you guys and Have a good one! =)

Happy Father's Day to All Dads out there!

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  1. Dad and I made it in California, after 2 days of driving Iowa-Nebraska, Colorado, Arizona, Utah, Los Angeles, Sacramento,Carmichael... We arrived safe. It was fun! I willsharesome pictures later.:-)


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