Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 7: Saz's Through Your Interface - 15 days of Screen Shots Challenge

Hi guys, Another day of Through Your Interface - 15 days of Screen Shots Challenge by Saz at World of Saz Blog. Today's challenge is all about the Best Screen Shot of the Year. I know I have a few favorites but since we need to entitled it as the best I will share only 1 Screenshot, but honestly I was hoping that today's challenge would have been the last one, So I can still choose more of what I had hehe, but It's okay I still enjoy doing it.

The Seventh Challenge: Best Screen Shot of the Year
Show us the best screen shot you believe that you have ever taken and why you think it is the best (content, meaning, how you framed it, etc). - Saz

I think most of you already saw this Image, as I featured it on my Screenshot of the week #7 last week. The reason why I chose this Screen shot as my Best is because I love the natural color of it, taking the screen shot is easy I just ride with my flying mount but I want the Lighthouse to be centered so I just took a shot and it turned out alright. The Lighthouse in Longshore has a lot of memories during Burning Crusade. I was leveling with my priest I met 3 players who was hanging out here as well, we chatted and instead of just minding my own buisness I ask them if they want to group quest so we did. and since then from our main toons to alt toons we always come to this place. It is memorable for us because until this day We are still friends and chat using Real Id. So this place represent a great Friendship not only online but in real life as well.


  1. Hi guys, thought to let you know too that if you Click the Image, You can Enlarge it and see it better. thanks for reading, Hope you like the Screen shots =D

  2. Who doesn't love that lighthouse? Nice one :)

  3. @Sparrowgal

    Thanks hon, I guess we all do like the lighthouse! hehe. =)


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