Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 17: My favorite spot (in game or outside it)

Hi guys, another day of 20 days WoW Blogging challenge by Saga at Spellbound Blog. Today it's about My favorite spot in game for Day 17. Honestly, there's a lot of great spots in the game that I love. But the most favorite spot is in Gadgetzan in Tanaris, The Blue sea, white sand, clear skies, corals and palm trees just remind me of the beautiful beaches back home in my home country Philippines.  I always like the sound of the waves, fresh air and just walking on foot by the sea shore is just relaxing, quiet and very peaceful.  

Windstrider Beach reminds me of leveling together with my friend during Burning Crusade. We play around naked with my priest and her Mage. It was fun times. remember the quest line here? yea killing all the pirates and turtles those are one of the memories I don't forget in game. As to the Beaches in Philippines it is one of the outdoor adventure back home, I just drove with my best friend on my motorcycle and pay only 5.00pesos to get in it was so cheap, but overall you can totally enjoy the beautiful scenery.

courtesy image by
Windstrider Beach in Gadgetzan (Click Image to enlarge)
Anyway, I still go in Gadgetzan sometimes. It is indeed one of my favorite spots in game. How about you? If you missed my Day 16 and other challenges please click here. and If you still plan to join the 20 days WoW Blogging challenge by Saga at Spellbound you are always welcome to join. Have a good one guys! =D


  1. That photograph is amazing! I can see why you like the Tanaris beach too :)

  2. @Redcow

    Heya hon, Thanks for dropping by, glad you like the image. Yes I love that spot indeed. =D


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