Wednesday, November 16, 2011

IntPiPoMo 50 Screen Shot Challenge: Stormwind (5/50)

Hi guys, This is my first post for the IntPiPoMo (International Picture Posting Month) 50 Screen shot Challenge, hosted by Angelya at Revive & Rejuvinate, I will try to attempt to have some theme to what I post daily for this, Today I will start of with Stormwind and follow up just about any places around Azeroth, and other continents of World of Warcraft. The objectives of this challenge is to post 50 Images before the month of November is over, So hopefully I will be able to get this challenge done on time. Hope you enjoy the screen shots I posted! <3

Screen shot #1: Colorful Grid City of Stormwind
Screen shot #2:  Stormwind Harbor
Screen shot #3: Stormwind Lighthouse
Screen shot #4: King of Stormwind Statue
Screen shot #5: Stormwind Inn


  1. Great start! Everyone loves the lighthouse it seems :D
    Thanks for joining in!

  2. @Angelya
    Heya hon! Thanks for dropping by. Yes, just thought to share Stormwind first since that is where I stand by all my characters at, and why not just take screen shots of the beautiful city. I could have added more but I just like to keep 5 each post for now. Thanks again for wonderful idea!

  3. Yees :P the lighthouse is great ! Very nice screens :)

    Thanks! I'm glad you liked them! =)

  5. I've been meaning to ask if you tweak your pics in photoshop before uploading them. If not, what are your video settings? I ask because the colors in your pictures seem to pop much more than when I'm in-game.

  6. @arcanewordsmith
    Heya! I don't use photoshop, instead I used It is a similar functionality as Photoshop but it's free, and you can use this tool too pretty much to edit anything. and yes I sharpen the Images to pop its color more. =)

  7. Very nice pictures, Amerence. Very colorful, too. Where is all the people, though? The sun is up and Stormwind is not bursting with people? There's something wrong. ;)

    @arcanewordsmith: and GIMP 2 are both very good (and free!) substitutes for Photoshop (with GIMP being more like Photoshop itself, I feel).
    Also, if you want to know how to edit your screenshots to make them seem of higher-than-in-game quality, check out Rades' (of Orcish Army Knife) post about it:

  8. I love lighthouses! Fantastic pics amerence :)

  9. @danslayers
    haha! true people should be working and walking around the city. But I took the screen shot above there heads so they are not very visible. on the Stormwind harbor you can see some deck guys with green tags over there head but so small. lol Anyway, glad you liked the images!

    I liked Light houses too! They are awesome! =)

  10. Your posts are becoming really well laid out, easy on the eyes!

    Anyway, my favourite is actually the last one. Captures that 'homey' feeling XD

    Look forward to the next set,

    - Jamin

  11. @Jamin
    Thanks Jamin, glad you liked it, and This is my first post already posted 4 of them so far, that means 20 screen shots is laid out already! Hope you liked them too! =) And about my posts, I think I always post my topics easy on the eyes and I like my paragraphs justified I don't like too much spaces every sentence. Anyway, Thanks again! =)


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