Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shared Topic: One vs Many? (Solo vs Party Questing)

Hi everyone! This week's Shared Topic over at Blog Azeroth is brought to you by She asked "While there are some quests that specifically call for grouping, most don't... but do you group anyway? How many of you pick up a friend or guildie to quest with and how many grind the lonely roads alone?" I just thought I share my experience to everyone about this topic because I do find it interesting, So here goes.

My answer would be Yes and No, Yes because when I first started playing back in Burning Crusade. I had to quest with my boyfriend together so we can level up faster and kill mobs and finish the quest easily. As we both progress and level up, We find friends along the way and end up having to group up with them especially the quests in Eastern and Western Plaguelands. These friends that I group up with ended up to be my guild mates in the end because we enjoyed playing together and run dungeons was a lot of fun, grouping wise during that time, In my opinion It was really great and I had no problem with grouping at all. I did thought it's probably because we are still low levels then.

But as time goes by, and leveling and questing from level 60-70 was a bit challenging and the level experience was getting slower if we group up with someone. So my boyfriend and I just started Soloing, he does his quests and so am I and continue our adventures separate ways. but by the help of Questhelper addon most players that time begin to quest Solo because it's faster and you can loot any quest items and don't need to wait for the others to get it. its like Your Kill, Your Loot.

As I level up another alternate character I started to solo while questing now until this day in Cataclysm expansion, I guess I was also used of doing daily quests and end up soloing. the only time I had to ask someone to group up with me if I know I am not confident with my skills to be able to kill an elite boss for a quest that is higher level than I am. or If it's a group dungeon quest. But through all that experience on grouping and questing with someone, or everyone was an unforgettable game experience because you learned a lot from my guildies and friends.

Also for me, Time is so important. playing a game like World of Warcraft can be so addicting! and If I Solo quest It saves me a lot of time because I can just go on and do whatever I need to do and finished the quest faster. versus having someone with me to quest with it just makes me slower and sometimes unable to finish the kills or loots on time because you have to share everything. But don't get me wrong I like group questing too but just really depends what quest it is. Now a days and especially in Cataclysm leveling and questing or even since Wrath of Lich King it's so fast now the in game Map has its own features to tell you where you can go and finish the quests, and also keeps track of all your quests. there's also a lot of addons that you can use to help you quest alone in any area. 

Anyway, That is it for me if you haven't shared your response of this week's Shared topic over at Blog Azeroth, Please visit now or go to for more details! This shared topic of the week is up until Aug.29-September 4, 2011. Can't wait to read other's response, So what are you waiting for? Blog about it now! Thanks for reading! and Have a good one!


  1. It’s interesting that both of us started out with a more group-oriented questing style and ended up primarily solo play. I’m beginning to think it that the tendency to group at low levels may have been just a shared learning curve—where setbacks less frustrating when shared among friends.

    But I'm also wondering if the new questing improvements haven't pushed new (and old) players into a solo grind. Things do seem to go faster when I'm by myself and the new dungeon grouping system lends itself to friendships with a thirty minute cap (depending on how many times you wipe).

    Do you think the move toward solo leveling it’s a good trend? Most of my fond memories are from the smaller groups, so I worry that the new players are going to lose out on that experience if Blizzard is pushing them through the content at warp speed.

  2. @Martha

    Heya hon, Thanks for dropping by, I thought about asking that myself if solo leveling is a good trend now a days, I think now really is that depends on the quest leveling zones, I don't worry so much that players will lose experience in questing, because just from Pvping as well and running dungeons they also get enough experience to level up.

    Blizzard made the questing and leveling with a lot of options to level a character, the new players are actually have a the most convenient leveling styles than it was before. And yes, I agree with such fond memories from smaller groups.

    Anyway, so far there has no issue regarding leveling and questing since I played this game. So I think it's okay. =)


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