Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shared Topic: What Kind of guild are you in?

Hi guys, this week's Shared Topic over at Blog Azeorth suggested by Dragonray of Azerothian Life. asks about What kind of guild environment are we in? Either is it a chatty guild or a quiet guild environment? Anyway, just thought to participate because I like to share my own experiences with my current guild and previous guilds since I played World of Warcraft.

To answer the questions my current guild right now is not a very chatty guild, because we are only a 10 man guild and there are only like 10-15 people logged in game. and everyone are busy with questing, raiding, doing dailies that we rarely use guild chat, if we do use any type of communication we only either say "grats" to someone who won an achievement either guild or just the player, say hello to everyone. I mean don't get me wrong that you think we are not a very social guild but we are it's just that the players in our guild is just so focused on what they are doing, and most of us use the Ventrilo more than chatting in game because now a days most guild rather use vent as a type of in game tool for raiding and such even me and I have no time to chat just go on with my business and not waste time. 

I just think that it's up to the players how they use their communication tools in game either guild chat, raid chat or vent. and also it really depends how many players online in the guild, if its a 250+ members guild 70% are online then I believe the guild environment and the chat is having a party including trade chat or general chat. that 30% of players may be just too busy or just choose to be quiet. 

But I agree some players in the guild are very talkative, some are trolls, some are very immature, some just don't stop asking for help, some spams trade chat to sell stuff, and yes some also talks very interesting topics that I sometimes join in the conversation. and some I just ignore and continue to do what I am doing. I may not be in a perfect guild environment but to be able to communicate with them in any ways is absolutely fine, as long as there is no discrimination to any religion, race, etc. because we do want a peaceful guild without any drama, and just having fun.

My previous guild is pretty much the same, but mainly focused on a serious hardcore guild, chatting in guild with them was fine, but not during raiding time, we mostly address and talk to our officers if there are any problems. raid leaders uses ventrilo and most of the players in the guild. In my opinion really just depends on the rules of the guild how to deal guild conversation socially, or formally. I am an officer of my current guild I often do use officers chat rather than the guild or raid chat which it became a habit I guess. 

Also by communication and using these tools like chatting with your guild mates is a good way to get acquainted and know them as a person too because you do play with these people mostly everyday and it's nice to know them besides playing the game. which that brings back to my experience knowing my boyfriend for 5years now that we met and knew each other through chatting in game back when we are both still playing Ragnarok Online and continue our game interest in WoW. So it is very interesting, having either you are in a very chatty guild or quiet guild for me it's okay. I don't ask my guild to be perfect, I just want my guild to have full or surprises either going to any adventures like raiding, questing, pvping, leveling etc. its good enough for me.

So How about you? What kind of guild are you in? To join in this week's shared topic please go to Blog Azeroth Forums, this week's topic is suggested by Dragonray at Azerothian Life. join us and share your thoughts this will last for a week starting Aug. 15-21' 2011. Thanks for reading and Have a good one! =)


  1. I like a good balance - which I guess can be difficult as you say that people can be busy and focusing on what they're doing.

    Often I'm busy myself and then I won't be too chatty, since I like to concentrate on what I'm doing. Other times I might be just standing around or farming - and then it's nice to be able to chat with guildies. This doesn't always work though since if I'm unlucky they're in the middle of something ;)

    I do spend some time on Vent though, where I talk with guildies. It's nice because then you can do things and chat as well :)

  2. @Saga

    Heya hon, Thanks for dropping by. Yes I agree with what you said too. Ventrilo now a days is becoming a part of the in game world for communication tools and its awesome. but that doesnt mean you cant use the in game chat tools, Ventrilo is just more convenient especially if you are multitasking haha! =)

  3. I forgot to mention that during Burning Crusade I actually found a better guild that I missed, My own 25 man guild before. We run around Azeroth, Quest together, Leveling, PvPing, Farming we do most of our time together and that is how I picture being in a guild. and until this day they are still my friends in game that I communicate with them through Real ID. But I wish we didn't disband but things changed after everyone were focused to take of things in Real world.

    It was okay though because at least we had our fond and fun memories together and I will never forget. The guild name that I created in Khaz Modan server was Death Threat. =)

  4. I'm currently guildless, but my last 2 guilds were pretty social, both in guild chat and on vent. I myself prefer guild chat, but only because I'm prone to a lot of headaches and being on vent aggravates that sometimes.

  5. @Shannon

    Heya hon, Thanks for dropping by, ah our guild is pretty casual right now but its a great guild. don't worry you will find a great guild soon! just enjoy being guildless coz I heard its better than being in a guild dont know if thats true though, but whatever makes you happy! Im with you! =) /cheer Good Luck in finding a new guild! =)


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