Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shared Topic: Bag and Bank Capacity

Hi guys, I know it's been a while I haven't posted anything here in my blog. but to catch up on this week's Shared topic over at Blog Azeorth It is my idea to share some thoughts about the Bag and Bank capacity in World of Warcraft and of course I don't want to miss it so I will also put up my response to the topic here. I did asked a few questions to all of you regarding about it. so I will just enclosed the idea below what I wrote in Blog Azeroth Shared Topic Forums.
I had been thinking of this for quiet sometime now, we all know that since Vanilla days. the Soulbound items cannot be send to any of your characters in game unless these items are Bind on Account nor some cannot be sold to vendors, top of that Every expansion, patch after patch either we still have Old tier gears that we don't like to dispose/disenchant even some old content trinkets that I myself like to keep (To think I still have my Carrot on a stick trinket), and for sure most of you feel the same way about Keeping them or just want to add to your collection of gears, but everyone has its own opinion about this for sure...

So I like to ask you... Would it be worth a try to suggest to Blizzard to extend the capacity of our Bag and Bank item slots? Or do you think the cost of just tailored Bags (22-30slots) will do the work? Or Is it just not worth the time to even be mentioning these non sense about the Bag and Bank items capacity? I am just as curious as you are to know because honestly Items are getting piled up especially the soulbound items. Is there any other options for the Soulbound items to go somewhere or something it may not be right now but how about in the future? Honestly, My bank and Bag slot in one character is getting really full and that excludes the consumables you carry for raid.
Anyway, some players think that the issue regarding the capacity of our bag and bank is really not much an issue for them because yes we can easily just destroy/disenchant/sell them. but it did some how experience an attachment to the items and they kept for longest time. especially those beautiful trinkets and tier gears...In the game world this is nothing and its true. they are just an additional pixels that are taking the capacity of your bags and bank. 

In my opinion, I like to keep those things that is hard to give up. I do admit that I destroyed most of my old tier gears since I started playing WoW in Burning Crusade just to get some space in my bag and bank with Soulbound items. the trinkets I did kept most of them but destroyed some. I also admit I have few items left untouched in my bank that I am very hesitant to destroy because they are special because I work so hard to get that specific item. 

I think what really matters is It's just a CHOICE and yes this is not worth addressing the issue to Blizzard personnel because the game has already made options for these to care the Soulbound items in game and that's 4 things that I know of. Destroy, Disenchant, Sell, Store and its really up to you to decide. But I am still hoping that Blizzard will do something about it in the future.

I don't like to keep this response long, but I am still looking forward to read more of your thoughts of this week's Shared topic over at Blog Azeroth. please also read these following players below what they think about this issue. I appreciate the participation and replies to this topic idea. Thanks again guys, and God Bless always!


  1. I agree, I think we should be able to save a lot more items than we can today. Some of us have played this game for years and gathered so much "crap" over the time, but to use these things are mementos that tell us about fun stuff we used to do. We like to gather these things irl as much as in game, and I really wish they'd implement some sort of "old stuff" bag where you can keep old keys, quest items and just about anything you'd like to save. Perhaps some sort of catalogue, like the achievement list?

  2. @Zinn

    Thanks for dropping by hon, I agree with you to implement some sort of "old stuff" bag at least. I know its not a big deal for Blizzard but for those players who played since the beginning I think we deserved something to keep those momentos. =)

  3. How are you Amerence? I haven't stopped by here in a while so I thought I would see how you are doing. Any thoughts on them making tanking super easy, I might even have to post about that :)

  4. @Mister K

    Heya K! Im good, Thanks for dropping by sir. just been really busy at work after my move back here in California. my playtime is very limited I barely log in game and so as my blogging. But I often check my blog site and some shared topics in Blog Azeroth just to keep active in the community. How are you too? Keep in touch hon. Take care and Thanks again for dropping by. =)

  5. Amerence! You must be excited with the new proposed changes coming in 4.3 with Void bank and what not for those old items! It's like Blizzard heard your complaint :)

  6. @Navimie

    Oh WoW! really!? that's a very good news! woot woot! Thanks for letting me know Navimie I appreciate it! =)

  7. Looks Like Blizzard did heard what I was trying to say read here.


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