Monday, September 12, 2011

Shared Topic: My WoW Soundtrack!

Hey all! This week's Shared Topic over at Blog Azeroth is brought to you by Saga over at Spellbound! I can't wait to share my song choices for this topic as she asks "The WoW in-game music is awesome, but there are times (at least for me) when I’m listening to my own music instead. Are there any specific songs that you connect with WoW? Whether it’s tied to your own characters in some way or simply because it reminds you of WoW. Please share!" So if your excited as I am to share your response this Shared topic will only last a week! so go for it! and here's mine to share links provided for acknowledgement for original artists mention below and videos provided from

This Song reminds me World of Warcraft especially doing the Basic Botany Series Quest in Sludgeguard Tower just south of Dalaran Crater near Arathi Highlands and by completing this quest you will get the beautiful singing Sunflower pet. So this song really reminds me of that and also Western Plaguelands and Eastern Plaguelands because of all the undead creatures and monsters in that place.

This song really reminds me of just having fun while playing the game, how grateful to be in a guild with friends. and just raid like a boss! haha anyway, I like the beat of the song and just listening to the lyrics of this video definitely reminds me of World of Warcraft!

The Last but not the least, One of my favorite Dance music videos this year this reminds me of World of Warcraft when a friend of mine posted it in my facebook while I was doing daily quests I listened to it many times and its fun, and you can just dance with it! who doesn't like this song! well me I loved it!

Besides the 3 of the Song choices posted above everytime I play WoW I listen to my Pandora Online Radio for some old and new music in many different genre. One of my favorite spot and listen too is also the music videos from Top 20 VH1 music videos so I recommend it definitely also I will never forget this song Listen to Your heart really reminds me of my painful experience with my bf 2yrs ago but everything is fine now and also admire those Techno Music for our boss kills in my 1st youtube channel.

Anyway, Hope you enjoy watching and listening to the videoes I posted above. Thanks for the Shared Topic over at Blog Azeroth this week Miss Saga. For those wanted to join please just click the links provided thanks! =)


  1. Great choices! :)

    It's so much fun to see which songs people end up associating with WoW. A lot of times simply because we happened to listen to them at a specific time :)

  2. Heya Saga,

    Thanks for dropping by hon, there are so many song to choose from but these ones are somewhat connected to WoW for me as I play. So thank you so much for the shared topic idea. I enjoyed it! =)

  3. Mostly metal music gets associated with WoW, in my opinion that is. :)

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  4. @BuyWoWAccounts

    Yea sure! and some techno music too! =)


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