Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Screenshot By Amerence #6

Hey guys, Weekly i featured screenshots from World of Warcraft and edit it to some effects using my Paint tool. mostly I always use artistic effect of Ink Sketch, besides the original Image from the game, I try to make it a little like a comic graphics, I'm not expert to any of that but this effects for me is just cool, I hope you like it too.

So since today is the official release of the Winged Guardian Flying Mount at Blizzard Store and its both available now on Europe and United States, thought to share a friend of mine Shineybop with her new flyer, So I took a screenshot of her while we were at Stormwind. Looks cool and the mount moves a lot! So for those who want to purchase the mount it will cost you $25.00 and all your characters in game will have it, for any speed. Don't know about you, but really is tempting me to purchase one but maybe later! hehe.

Before anything said, like the other Shiny flying horse before, It is just by all means a choice if you want to purchase the mount or not.  For some people they just want to add it to their collection, some just want it because they want to look cool, or whatever you want to do with it. It is your money that you spent so Deal with it! =D Hope you like the Screenshot for the week! The Winged Guardian.

Click the Image to Enlarge! Thanks!


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