Friday, May 20, 2011

I am officially playing Rift!

Hi guys, every week I shared some great random or off-topics every Friday. So Today unrelated topic besides playing WoW Just a quickie post to let you know what I've been up to these days. I am officially playing Rift now too! Thanks to @Elementalgold one of my twitter friends who linked a discounted promotion half a price for a Collector's edition digital copy that I only spend $25.00! I got the mount and some other treasures it was awesome! Check it here if the promo still going on. 

I play a Cleric class and since Im still soloing and leveling I decided to go for a Druid build which is a melee dps Cleric class that focuses on pets. The pets are the largest strength and weakness of the Druid. Druid pets strongly bond to thier masters and give Druids different abilities. This is actually my second spec and I am currently going for Shaman(11)-Druid(35)-Warden(0) spec. - Pet Druid leveling build (to level 35). Satyr is the pet of choice, shaman is for glacial shield. Sentinel is for healing breath. - More information about Rift builds visit

Rotation priority: 
  • Rage of the Fae
  • Combined Effort
  • Eruption of Life
  • Trickster Spirit
  • Fervent Strike

Anyway, still exploring the game but so far I was having fun questing and can't wait to hit level 50 and I am also a member of Mysteria guild and we are still recruiting and growing in Galena server Guardians side. My name in game is also Amerence as cleric and I am also leveling a Rogue as Defiant named Amerr. So come and visit us and have fun! I will probably share more Rift adventures next week too every Friday maybe. and you can also catch me on my Twitter @amerencelovewow because Rift has integrated a system for whatever achievements with Images I get in game it will be posted there so don't miss it. If you still curious and thought about playing the game, Join Now! Thanks guys! and Have a good one!


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