Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 9: My First Blog Post

Hi guys, another day for 20 days of WoW Blogging challenge over at Spellbound. Today I will share about my first blog post. My first blog post is typically just an Introduction of my Blog I titled it "Welcome to my Blog" it is for new readers, visitors welcoming them and letting them know that there is a new blog out in the community. I also shared what my focus and goal for this blog that way new readers and visitors know what I will do for this blog.

I only made it short and sweet that way You guys will not get bored. First post for me reflects how you are and what you are bringing to the community, is it for gaming? personal blog? guides? etc. It also make you feel great about yourself because after creating the site, choosing template layout and blog name ideas. It makes you look forward to create another post and share your in game experiences, you also talk about some random thoughts, ideas, suggestions to the community that somehow it will help them understand how the game works. Is it fun or not? 


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