Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 10: My Blog/Website favorites

Hi guys, another day for 20 days of WoW Blogging Challenge over at Spellbound. Today it's all about My Blog/Website favorites. Well, This is not going to be easy because there are quiet a lot. But I will just go ahead and named 10 of them. But for those who I didn't mention in the list I still love you! and I still read you guys blog/websites! So here goes...
  1. World of Warcraft - official website of World of Warcraft Blizzard company, who would miss going in to check our armory, updated latest news, patch notes, and blues.. also I also read couple of great bloggers in the site i.e Ghostcrawler. 
  2. WoWhead - not only is a database for wow items, gears, quests and events. but also very helpful in link script I used for my blog if I put additional information details of a specific gear. i.e Shadowform. the mouse hover is nice right?
  3. World of Matticus - one of the great healing, guild leadership blog out there, Matt always give us great topics to read about. and he is one of my inspiration to keep blogging. Even though he may not recognize some of us yet but I know he is a cool guy! keep up the good work sir!
  4. - I am a addon junkie, and I like to update my addons especially during patch days where you always get it messed up and this sites is where I always go to update my addons. Its a great site for most MMO gamers who needed some extra help on tutorials how to install, and great stop for any players who likes to twink there interface and more.
  5. Blog Azeroth - A great way to get noticed in WoW community, it is one of the recognized forum sites, and also has Podcast, and wiki pages. especially participating on some shared topics, tutorials for new bloggers and more.
  6. WoW Headlines - I just recently discovered this directory of WoW Bloggers, its a great way to also get noticed and read all the RSS feeds flowing in one site. in fact I am already listed there! Thank you! its a great site indeed.
  7. Gogoanime - Well, this site may not be wow related, but it is one of my favorite sites and my past time to watch great animes because I just loved watching them! its entertaining and you can also comment and discuss with great anime fun members, I always enjoyed every single anime there i.e Bleach, Fairy Tail, and more!
  8. WoW Insider - I like this site because I can always start my day by reading what's new to the community, The Breakfast topic yea for sure, every time I come home from work I read this and participate to comment what my thoughts and also help me understand and hear other players opinion on the subject.
  9. Postcard of Azeroth - I love the old world, from sunset view to dawn age... world events, weapons and statues, this is a great place to look at and reminisce all the greatness of the fantasy world of warcraft.
  10. Twitter - and Lastly, who doesn't tweet now a days, and especially if your tweeting with all wow players out there its fun guys! if you have not registered one yet I suggest you do this is also one way to get noticed and how active you are in game and outside the game. so follow me now! @amerencelovewow
Anyway, that's it for today guys I may have not mentioned a lot of blog site listed above because they are already posted in my sidebar widget and those sites are What I recommend too to read, I consider them my favorites as well. thanks for dropping by, if you missed my other days of the 20 days WoW Blogging challenge over at Spellbound thanks and Have a good one!


  1. D'awwww thanks!

    Also, LOVE the look of this site!

  2. Thanks so much; humbled and honoured to be in such illustrious company! ~Rio

  3. @Matticus
    WoW! thanks for dropping by sir! and hehe, yea I love this template too! =D

    Heya! Thanks for dropping by! Yep I love your site with all those postcards keep it coming! =D


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