Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 7: The reason behind my blog's name

Hi guys, another day for 20 days WoW Blogging Challenge over at Spellbound. Today, we will discuss about Day 7: What's the reason behind my blog's name? I will tell you honestly, it took me a week just to figure out a name for my blog, most blog names out there that I can think of are all taken. I even ask lots of suggestions from my guild mates. I thought about making a shadow priest blog and named Shadowfriend, but It didn't work. So since my main toon's name is Amerence and she is a priest why not just make a blog name out of it? So I did, trust me I came up with lots of Blog names but I think this suits me better because I do love playing World of Warcraft, So I named it Amerence Love WoW.

My previous blog name was Christine's blog It was just my first name because when I made the blog thought It will just for random stuff but I ended up making it a World of Warcraft blog but since I was having difficulties these past few months with errors and such I decided to deactivate it. so I made this new blog. One of the reason behind my blog's name was because I was getting tired of my old blog and I want to create a new one, I know I put a lot of work on my old blog and was actually crawling in the search engine like crazy but I think its okay.

I thought of  my blog name Amerence Love WoW and the description to talk about my daily adventures in WoW because I do play and log in game mostly every day, And I like to share that adventures to my readers and visitors of my blog. this way too I can set a goal of what to write and makes it easier for me what to talk about every day. I think that was really the reason behind my blog's name. Thanks for all those who visit and read my blog over at Christine's blog and for those who commented and I am hoping to get that same feedbacks here in Amerence Love WoW. thanks again guys! mwah! For those who missed reading my previous days Just click here, thanks guys and have a good one!


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