Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shadow Priest Power Auras

Hi guys, I just thought to repost this power auras here from my old blog at Christine's Blog (it is now deactivated and no longer accessible). So hope this auras will still help, since Patch 4.1 was released it is still working and no  problems at all. But I advised you update the Power Auras addon itself before importing these strings. If you have not download the addon yet, I suggest doing it now. Click here. Installing and following simple steps how to import the aura string to work in game I will show you below how.


  1. Download the Addon Power Auras in your World of Warcraft folder > Interface > Addons
  2. Logged in game and type /powa
  3. Click Import Set
  4. Copy the strings below and Press Ctrl V to paste the strings in the Import set box (Location for your strings needs to be in Page not Global.
  5. Done! you should be able to test all the auras with the dummy, no problem. Enjoy!
Set=Page 1@Aura[1]=Version:4.9; b:0.651; g:0.7176; icon:inv_chaos_orb; buffname:empowered shadow; texture:4; alpha:1; size:1.43@Aura[2]=Version:4.9; b:0.9765; g:0.0549; icon:Spell_Holy_DivineIllumination; buffname:dark evangelism; r:0.9647; stacks:1; texture:89@Aura[3]=Version:4.9; b:0.9765; g:0.0314; icon:Spell_Holy_DivineIllumination; buffname:dark evangelism; r:0.6863; stacks:2; texture:90@Aura[4]=Version:4.9; g:0; icon:Spell_Holy_DivineIllumination; buffname:dark evangelism; r:0.7176; stacks:3; texture:91@Aura[5]=Version:4.9; g:0.0353; icon:Spell_Holy_DivineIllumination; buffname:dark evangelism; r:0.749; stacks:4; texture:92@Aura[6]=Version:4.9; b:0.8902; g:0.4706; icon:Spell_Holy_DivineIllumination; buffname:dark evangelism; stacks:5; texture:94@Aura[7]=Version:4.9; icon:spell_priest_shadoworbs; buffname:shadow orb; texture:2; size:0.96; stacks.enabled:true; stacks.y:34; stacks.x:-4@Aura[8]=Version:4.9; target:true; icon:Spell_Shadow_ShadowWordPain; buffname:pain; x:-7; bufftype:2; owntex:true; mine:true; size:0.15; y:-185; texmode:2; timer.HideLeadingZeros:true; timer.enabled:true; timer.cents:false; timer.Relative:TOP; timer.Transparent:true@Aura[9]=Version:4.9; target:true; icon:Spell_Shadow_DevouringPlague; buffname:devouring plague; x:45; bufftype:2; owntex:true; mine:true; size:0.15; y:-186; texmode:2; timer.HideLeadingZeros:true; timer.enabled:true; timer.cents:false; timer.Relative:TOP; timer.Transparent:true@Aura[10]=Version:4.9; target:true; icon:Spell_Holy_Stoicism; buffname:vampiric touch; x:-58; bufftype:2; owntex:true; mine:true; size:0.15; y:-185; texmode:2; timer.HideLeadingZeros:true; timer.enabled:true; timer.cents:false; timer.Relative:TOP; timer.Transparent:true@
For some reason though that if its not working, and you are using a non default interface (not World of Warcraft Interface), it helps that you relogged disable your interface first Test all the auras if its working or not, relogged again enable your interface and your auras should be working now. let me know if there are any problems regarding this, but so far I had been using these auras for a while now and it just works okay. I do want to give credit to Midnight who is my guild mate she helped me with these auras, i added to these strings are the timers importantly for the Empowered Shadow so I don’t have to look up under my buff interface. Anyway, hope this set string will help you in long run, share it to anyone who is playing shadow priest. Thanks guys! and Have a good one! <3


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