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Day 14: This upsets Me (Time is ticking You know!)

Hi guys, another day for 20 days WoW Blogging challenge by Saga at Spellbound. Today, I will share some bad experiences mostly in game that upsets me. I sometimes rant these things in twitter and some real life issues like living in a 3rd floor apartment and laundry room is in 1st floor without any elevator, you actually have to use the stairs yea that upsets me that kind of thing. But whatever I say there its only limited to 140characters. So now that I have the whole page to share without any limitation so here goes, hope you can relate to this.

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In game what upsets me are common things like if I am leveling and I need an item for the quest, here you are trying to get into the item while killing a mob. and then suddenly someone appears from no where grabs the item! Hello Mister!? that was mine! hate it and that upsets me so bad. also when you try to cast your spell on the mob that you targetted and someone took it from you they damage more and instead it was your kill you didn't get credit because someone took it. of all the mobs in the area why took mine?? just upsets me, your in a good mood to quest and kill stuff it just ruins it when that happens it is really upsetting. I know I shouldn't be upset with these things because everyone will say it's just a game, but guess what you work your butt off and try to level and quest. Time is ticking its not like my time i spent in WoW was borrowed right? so there! of course sometimes you have the right to get upset on some things.

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In raiding, I know that it could be difficult at times especially when forming a raid group and not everyone is online. It's already passed the raid time, invites was supposed to be 6pm and then everyone start to logged in at 7-8pm, it upsets me because you commit to raid and signed up for specific time and why even bother to sign up if your not logging on time? unless you notify the officer ahead of time or at least 2hours prior the raid time then it will be okay, but wasting other's people time just to wait for you is really not a good call. I also dislike players who prepare there consumables on raiding time, unless you already have mats in your bag and you can do these while waiting for others inside the zone, but still I recommend to prepare these things ahead of time.

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Players who raid or even just running a 5 man dungeons should know every boss fights right? I think you should. at least some basics idea how the fight goes because seriously even before patch and running PTR's can help you study these things. there is no excuse why you wouldn't know the fights. I can totally understand if your just a 10yrs old kid who just relieved to play your Dad's toon. but not knowing the basic mechanics of the fight is just ridiculous of course whoever knows the fight had to explain it, this actually happened to me most of the time in 5 man dungeons. 

It just wonders me how the hell did you level without running a non-heroic dungeon to heroics without even knowing the fights, especially with Zul'aman and Zul'gurub these raid dungeon existed before 4.1 patch released at least you should know by now how the fight goes especially for those who actually started in Burning Crusade. In raids like when to move out of fire? seriously? you can't move your ass and end up dead, WTF are you doing? not only your wasting other players time, wiping in raid is too much and just slows down the progression. I know I may sound like a bitch but guess what thats fact. Time is ticking you know! You don't want the raid leader to keep telling you what to do during raids, you have to be prepared and know the fights so it will be a successful run.

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Also, The GM Ticket upsets me big time. Not only does the service is so damn slow but cmon Blizzard you should hire more technical support, your earning millions of money to develop and create this game. We deserved to be answered faster and not wait 24-48 hours just to reply in 1 damn ticket. It is upsetting, but there is nothing you can do after submitting the ticket you either get replied in game sent to your in game inbox, or email, rarely now a days do I actually get replied to talk to a GM in game. Especially if it's an issue being hacked or gears. So Blizzard try to at hire more please that will really help reply whatever concerns or problems we having in game.

Anyway, I think you guys get the point these are things that mostly upsets me in game. It's hard to deal with players who are idiots and very inconsiderate of other players play time also voicing out your concern and problems in game to a Game Master. The clock represents That Time is Gold and we don't want to waste that because other than just playing the game we also have real lives to take care of. If you missed and like to catch up my previous 20 days challenge by Saga at Spellbound please click the links below. Have a good day guys! =D if you missed my other Days challenge please click here.


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