Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 16: Things I missed (post Cataclysm)

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Hi guys, Its been a week that I missed of posting the Saga 20 days of Challenge, been really busy lately and besides me having to pack things for my move to California, I just don't want to post anything that is very off-topic, or just wasn't in the mood to do it, I want to concentrate when I blog and focus what I share to you guys. this week is been really messy besides of the Daily adventures in my blog that I keep track of doing too, so I totally apologized, especially to Miss Saga. 

But to catch up on things I only have 5 more days of the challenges, and Today it's about The things I missed post Cataclysm. To read it simply I will just list them all for you guys Hope you can relate to these things I missed before Cataclysm released.

  • I missed taking all the screenshots of the old world, I only got a chance to take some of them. would have been nice to have it in my gallery.
  • I missed a raid to kill Al'akir in Throne, the only progression I need to get my Defender's title.
  • I missed having heroic a Tier 11 shoulder piece that I was hoping to drop from Cho'gall even though I had killed the boss many times, since I was social status in the guild it was passed to a raider priority, would be nice to have it when I was still raiding from my previous guild. So hopefully I will get it sometime with my new guild Vagrants.
  • I totally missed the old raid lockout especially running the 10 man runs.
  • I missed leveling my Death Knight and Mage to 85, I was planning to level them but since I was busy with school and all I couldn't put all of my time just to level them, but I will eventually level them soon.
  • I missed a few Reputation experience grind on some factions, questing and leveling to get the Loremaster Achievement title and some other quest and achievement line in Deepholm.
  • I missed leveling my Archaeology to 525 before the changes. I'm still stuck at 350 but I will level it eventually.
  • I missed being a disc priest, I had fun playing and shielding during ICC content, as I wasn't able to kill Lich King in 25 man Heroic too. But its okay well get it some other day.

Anyway, I think thats about it, I know I had missed a lot of post cataclysm experiences but the things listed above is what I really want to get it done before the Old World was shattered. but so far my Cataclysm experience is fine and still having fun. If you miss my other 20 days of WoW Blogging challenges please click here or check my navigation bar on top for easier access. and If your still starting to Join or curious about it check here for more details at Spellbound Blog by Saga. Have a good one guys! <3


  1. So I find out you live in Ankeny too and now you're moving to California lol.

  2. @Mister K
    Yea, Im moving back there soon. on June 16th after my Dad comes here in Iowa to pick me up. lolx


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