Monday, June 27, 2011

Random Updates: Real Life vs Gaming

This is what I feel right now! lolx
Hi guys, I just thought to let you know that I haven't been online in game lately because of things I need to take care of before I will come back raiding again with my guild Vagrants. After my move back here in California, I had to update a lot of stuff my driver's license, verification of my car, hunting for jobs as I am actually starting over again, and you know how that goes... and financially right now I can't even pay my next month's bills if I will just sit around not doing nothing, and I can't allow that to happen since it is really hard now a days, gasoline price either going up or down, even food are expensive, and paying a monthly subscription playing a game is not worth the time right now to spend.

Gaming vs Reality let's face it, its the worst situation where I am right now, it's not even funny... I know I decided this, so I had to suffer but it's part of life and I had to challenge myself. I will probably want to work 2 jobs if possible, just to catch up with everything.. I think that's not a bad idea right? I think it's a great idea because money is all I need right now to survived.

I hate to apologized for my absence from playing the game and and unable to raid with my guild. to my readers, visitors and friends in blogging community, I won't give you any promises right now when I will be resume my routine, this isn't my good bye post or anything. I am just being truthful to what I personally share here in my blog so you get updated on what's up. 

Patch 4.2 I believe will be released tomorrow and as much as I wanted to play in this content, probably I will miss a lot of stuff in game. but it's okay I will still try my best to used all my playtime left in my subscription this month and play here and there but well see, I might blog sometimes too for the meantime but not a regular schedule like I used to. I submitted a few applications for a job, please wish me luck to at least get a call from them to start working.  Thank You for your patience guys. I still wish you all the best God Bless and Have a good one!


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