Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 3: Saz's Through Your Interface - 15 days of Screen Shots Challenge

Hi guys, another day of Through Your Interface - 15 days of Screen Shots challenge by Saz at World of Saz. Today is something that will represent me, who I am either in Outlands/Azeroth or Real life. This will definitely relate me as being a Health care provider. As I was a former member of Vanquish guild, I cherish all the memories with them because of all the guild I've been with, It is the only guild that I felt comfortable with that I can call it home for the past year of playing World of Warcraft. 

The Third Challenge - Representing You

This Spirit "Angel" Healer represent me because I am a health care provider in real life, In a sense that I also help other people to cure them, or assist them. This is what I also do in game. "The Spirit Healer is an angelic being that helps resurrect fallen individuals. Priests can become an angelic being known as a Spirit of Redemption upon death." - Wowwiki and When I was in Vanquish guild, I was a Primary Holy spec and I think this Angel Form overall just represents that, Death or Alive.


  1. Hi guys, thought to let you know too that if you Click the Image, You can Enlarge it and see it better. thanks for reading, Hope you like the Screen shots =D


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