Thursday, March 27, 2014

Shared Topic Idea: Questing with your alts!

HI guys, First of the shared topic ideas are now bi-weekly. We wanted to share the topics more to bloggers who like to share there thoughts as 1 week seems to be too short. So we like to invite bloggers out there to participate and have fun! You can also share any idea for us to talk about. 

From week March 15-28, was contributed by Dragonray of Azerothian Life its all about "Questing with your alts" more info check out @blog azeroth forums. a few bloggers already shared there thoughts. Tomorrow is the deadline so what are you waiting for? join us!

For me, Questing with my alt toons are fun. not only that you benefit from knowing what zones where to go make it a lot faster. And that using heirloom items as they are bind on account heirlooms makes the experience killing mobs far more useful than how i leveled my main toon back then. 

I enjoyed leveling my alt toons, from acquiring gears to finishing quest lines and getting achievements why not? This way you also able to learn how to play your class better. But you see, now a days are a lot different you can skip questing in one area just because how fast to acquire experience now a days its not even per level, per zone idea now. Not to mention, the new promo for boosting your character to level 90, and benefit from having your professions leveled up as well if you do boost at level 60.

But in my case, I leveled and quested with my Rogue, Death Knight, Mage, and working on shaman now. I dont count my monk as she was a boosted character but she has been leveling her professions though, because i ddint got her to level 60 to boosted her so the professions part didn't count so as the flight path. But i still enjoy playing my monk and that by leveling her profession i still benefit from getting the flight paths, learning her skills and all that.

I recently did introduced all my 5 level 90s that Im proud of over at my other blog in Amerpriest blog. As that will give you an idea how they are. I know sometimes its hard to quest with alt toons, sometimes you don't even know which one first. But lately, I have been focusing on my main toon, but secondly my DK as I really enjoyed her as a Frost spec. 

Questing with alt toons is like never ending if you really wanna know that. because you still catching up. One toon after one toon. you quest dailies, weeklies, normal quests from zones you didn't finish, rep grinding, But for anything just enjoy what you do and you'll be fine. Have fun like always! treat your characters like each one of them are like your main toons. Timeless isle seems to be the great place for alt toons to pick up equivalent of tier 14 gears out there so take advantage as gears you pick up are Bind on account as well.

Anyway, That's all folks. Please enjoy playing the game! Don't forget to join our bi-weekly shared topic ideas... For next week we will talk about Timeless isle idea by yourstruly. See you then! and Good luck questing with your alts!


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