Thursday, March 6, 2014

Shared Topic Idea: My Most Memorable Boss Kill

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Anyway, this week's topic is about most memorable boss kill. I was going through some of my old boss kill videos i made back in 2009 during ToGC raids with FACTION CHAMPIONS in 25 man Normal Mode. It was fun times. I was with Eternal Sacrifice guild then in Khaz Modan server when we killed these bosses. It was memorable because not only i was able to catch the videos of these fights, I was able to do it with guild that I had fun with. 

This fight was very memorable not only that we had to fight 4 bosses, all of us was running around the room, I was playing my priest here as discipline spec. my job was to dispell, bubbles, and heals as well. as you can see in this video. All bosses are and players also running around but with symbols on bosses head we know who to kill first, Tanks and healers really did a great job and so as the dpsers.. Hope you guys will enjoy watching it. I really had fun times with my guild when we killed it. This expansion was great and we always looking forward to raid because the arena and killing of these bosses was kinda hard but challenging because its a close encounter in a closed space.

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