Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Shared Topic: What In WoW reminds me of Home?

Hi guys, Sorry i posted mine before the day expired.. the Bi-weekly Shared topic @BlogAzeroth was brought to you by Syrco Owl. This topic is fun, but the idea was similar to the one I already posted before on the 20 days challenge so much that its about same concept, but It was more specified towards whats my favorite spot in game. 

Anyway, That being said. I just like to share the picture again of what I also missed back home especially this summer season in california, a lot of californians love the ocean, lake, falls, etc. any outdoor adventure we can do. What better way to remember that back home we are same, I miss our beaches, My home country is Philippines and definitely worth visiting if you want to travel to do island hopping, and enjoy breath taking scenery. 

Despite the disaster that happened, My home country tourism still brought great ideas and continue to surprise tourists who wants to relax and enjoy..Here is a great video that shows how many islands my home country has and its beach resorts and private islands to explore too. CEBU is where i grow up and im proud to be cebuano.

Also, In game... There's a lot of great scenery and water areas in game. If you look the image above, i took the one that is about same in Tanaris before Cataclysm expansion destroyed it. Down below is what i took in game and this is what WoW reminds me of back home. The Ocean, water and wonderful colors of the blue skies, blue green water and coconut trees!

Anyway, just click the images to enlarge viewing. Thanks for great topic Syrco. I really also miss my home country a lot because of this. and hopefully next year i be able to come home. Gods willing. Thanks again for watching and reading. Have fun this summer days! and enjoy the sun and water! with your family and friends!


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