Monday, July 7, 2014

Shared Topic Idea: Boosted Toon

Haha! Better late than never? Well, I will just make this short post...My thoughts on this Shared Topic is about the Boosted toon, I used my free one and boosted my Troll druid and i had fun playing with her also one reason for that is to be able to raid with my co bloggers around the community on horde side with OLRG group that runs every Saturday, lately i have not been able to raid with them but its okay.

Next boosted toon i made was a Monk I just boosted her at level 1, was curious how good this class was since this class was the highlight of the expansion, and made it as a panda race. So far i really like it. though I am leveling her professions still okay but unlike my druid my monk is still in process of just finishing some quests in jade forest and around panda land. 

So far both 90s I boosted i had no regrets because i do love the classes i chose to play. thats all that matters you pay for it, you play it.your money, you deserved it. I know some may complain how expensive it is and yes i dont blame them too. But oh well i guess end of the day it is just a decision to make if you want to boost your character or not. But so far its a great service as described. 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Raedel and Ashtahar Please your still welcome to catch up even if the topic is expired. Also share your thoughts or any ideas to join in our bi-weekly shared topic ideas! Thanks again for coming and dropping by! Happy blogging!


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