Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event 2012

Hi guys, It's been a while! How is everyone doing? I just thought to let you guys know that this year's Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event 2012 will be hosted again by yourstruly and Blog Azeroth. As for everyone knows and who participated last year which was a really great success we want to do that again this year.

But Unfortunately, we will not be giving out prices this year but instead expand your thanks to all your readers, commenters, visitors of your blog who made you a great blogger to this day. I am sure you guys have a lot of bloggers or not even just bloggers but for all those people who had a great influence and motivation to what you are doing in the past year.

World of Warcraft Blogging community has always been a great support to whatever you do not even just talking about the game itself but real lives events as well. So please help me promote this event for this year's Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving event 2012. Have your logo posted in your blogs. For more details please visit the links provided and in reference to our last year's event. Have a great day everyone! and I am looking forward to read all your posts this year. Good Luck! and I am sure this will be tons of fun.

Logo provided by: Wow Item Creator! 
(to get the logo code image please go to Blog Azeroth Forum for this event.)
Reference Link of all the participants and sample posts so you can get an idea how? This year the hashtag for twitter for this event is "BAgivethanks12". give us a shoutout to @BlogAzeroth and @amerpriest. Thank you so much!


  1. I have fond memories of this event - many of my blog friends today are made from this event :) I will be joining in again!

  2. @Navimie
    Yay, Thanks hon. Im looking forward to read your post this year. I really enjoyed the poem you made last year. =)

  3. Hmm, well since my honor is still tarnished by the FAIL!Turkey from last year, looks like I need to up my game this time around! ;)

    And comics eh? Hehehe… *scurries away to doodle* :D

  4. @Martha

    Heya Martha! Thanks for joining us again. Im looking forward to read your post this year. Have fun and Take care! and sure comics sounds great too!

  5. I hope well get participants this year, despite not having to give out prizes. =/

  6. Like Navi I have such great memories of this event, I will be joining again, just have to figure out what to do!

  7. @Tome of the Ancient
    Heya hon, Yes yes, I think i remember because of this event you actually signed up for twitter. and Now your blossoming hehehe! more than ever. Thanks hon and I am looking forward to read your post! Good luck! Im sure its worth the read as well. =)


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