Friday, August 17, 2012

Shared Topic: How WoW changed my Life?

Hi guys, It's been a while you may noticed that I haven't posted anything since March and also quit playing the game. But I still enjoy reading up some of my favorite bloggers in the community and still help out Blog Azeroth Forums at my free time. I stumbled upon Effraeti's Shared Topic this week titled How WoW changed your life? There are lots of things that happened while I was playing World of Warcraft for 5yrs. and I will be very delightful to share my experiences how it changed my life and what I learned from it.

5yrs ago I was a total noob, my ex boyfriend who thought me how to play the game really hooked me up just for few days when I started playing my Priest. RPGames is not new to me as I was playing Ragnarok Online before playing World of Warcraft, some game mechanics are similar but wide difference when it comes to graphic designs. I enjoyed playing my Priest when I started a month before Burning Crusade released. I was so happy and after work I rush myself and try to level my priest together with my ex boyfriend's rogue character and sit in front of the computer for hours.

After leveling my priest at max level during that time, I began raiding and joined a guild. I continue to quest, grind honor points, do battle grounds as player vs player mode and other stuff and did that for many years and able to level other classes as well. There was never a day I missed playing the game. It changes my life enormously, I even blog about it.  I will list down the things I consider what the game changed me and my life around. but please be noted that the list show below was only during the time when I was still addictively playing the game and things what I learned to prevent from not doing the same old habits again. 

  • Daily Habits
    • The way I talk sometimes like saying "Epic" using some gaming terminology in real life. (But I learned not too do this so much, especially at work its very unprofessional in some ways, and I think you know what I mean, it still does happen sometimes.)
    • I wasn't able to make any home cooked meals at the right time, most of the time I order food. (Being lazy and unable to manage the time is not an excuse, so I learned from it.)
    • Refusing myself to go out more and hang out with friends instead I stay at home playing the game. (Not recommended ever)
  • Loss of Normal Eyesight
    • This only means one thing, sitting infront of computer for many hours is bad and this changed me a lot because now I have to wear glasses to be able to see, and read clearly from a far. (So If you do play, at least give your eyes some rest every after an hour of playing the game, don't strain your eyes so much, I learned from it as well.)
  • Gained Body Weight
    • Of course who doesn't if your lazy to cook healthy meals at home, I order junk foods and I started gaining a lot of weight, I wasn't proud of it. (But I started to lose weight again, Thank God!) But these things happened to many gamers out there.
  • Relationships
    • I included this because it was a huge part of why me and my ex boyfriend broke up too, we didn't have much time for each other anymore and it did affected our relationship. I was all about games, and I wasn't pursuing what I wanted to do besides playing the game. I did learned a lot from it but at least we remained friends in the end. (Please don't ruined your relationships with your love ones when it comes to gaming. You just really know when to play the game and know your limitations. Spend more time with your loves ones better than playing the game.)
  • Blogging
    • From Blogging about the game I was able to express more of how I play the game, and shared my gaming experiences of what I learned online. From Blogging it made me realized that you can still talk about the game even if you are offline. (It changed me as a person because It also motivates and encouraged me to be more confident of sharing my weird ideas to the community and just having fun, the blogging community has a huge support system to whatever you want to do as to bringing any ideas you can think of and still makes you feel a great person, because being a blogger you can blog whatever you want to say because it is your own web page.)
  • Social Networking Sites
    • Twitter and Facebook, If I didn't start blogging I wouldn't signed up for these social networking sites, (what changed me was when I met and knew great friends online in game and offline build great relationships, not only from one country but whole world.) 

Anyway, I think that's about it of what I had in mind on How WoW changed my life, It also changed me to be a better person in a way that I did made a choice for myself not to play the game for a while now and refocus what I really want to do with my career, my life and to spend more time with my family and friends in real world. I did had a blast playing the game, I don't know yet if I will play in Mists of Pandaria but well see. But right now my focus is to work, save up and think about my future better than me playing the game I did invest 5yrs of that and I think now its best time to just live life to the fullest, having fun in the world that I see that is real and not living in fantasy world. Anyway, Please check out Effraeti's Blog, and if you still want to join Blog Azeroth Shared Topic this week just click the links provided. Thank you!


  1. Amerence, long time no see! I thougth you might have stopped playing, but I am happy to see you on twitter and joining in this shared topic. Hugs to you!

  2. @Navimie
    Heya Navimie! Thanks for dropping by hon. Yea I did quit playing the game, and not sure if I play for Mists of Pandaria. But Yea here and there I still help out at Blog Azeroth, and if Im in the mood for shared topics I surely join. Nice to see you again hon. =)

  3. I'm very happy you wrote about the less-than-positive ramifications WoW has had on your life - I mean, of course not happy that you went through all of that because of the game, but that I'm not the only blogger whose life hasn't been affected purely in a positive way, and has also had some negative effects from playing WoW. (The daily habits, weight gain, eye sight.. Been there). Let's hope we've learned from it :)

  4. @Toki
    Heya hon, Thanks for dropping by. I appreciate your comment. Yes we all been there. and despite the fact that there was some negative effects from playing WoW, I still think that there was more positive outcome from it and we learned from the mistakes I did while playing the game. But I still Thank WoW for that in a good way. =) Thanks again for dropping by, come again! =)


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