Monday, December 26, 2011

A Surprise Furtive Father Winter Gift From Akabeko!

OMG! Thank you Akabeko! for this special and surprise gift for this year Blog Azeroth Furtive Father Winter hosted by YOU! I really appreciate it! I also loved the art work! Damn! you can draw! i wish I can do that but sadly no lol Anyway, For all my readers/visitors out there I like to share this wonderful letter from Akabeko of Red Cow Rise Blog for Santa with thoughts of great blessings for me! <3 If you want to check out other responses and surprise gifts head to Aka's blog post about this years Furtive Father Winter 2011! Thanks!

Art and Illustrated by Akabeko of Red Cow Rise Blog! =)
Surprise! I'm your Furtive Father Winter gift giver! I've read (both) your blogs for a while and your enthusiasm and pleasantness always make me smile. After reading your shared topic post about what Amerence would do if she were transported to Earth, I decided to write about her making someone else happy! Your transmogrification post gave me the inspiration for her gear. Please find attached a jpg image and a doc containing a special letter to Santa :) Happy holidays! - Akabeko (Red Cow Rise Blog)

Dear Santa,
I went to the church for Christmas Dinner and there was a very funny lady there! She gave me some gravy for my mashed potatoes and then she sat next to me for dinner. Her name is Amerence and she talks kinda funny. I don't think she's from around here. She said that she was waiting on a summon for something – I didn't really understand but it sounded kind of scary. But instead of going to the scary place, she ended up here in my town and decided to come to the church! She says she's a priest, but I've never seen a priest in such a funny costume!

Amerence doesn't know any of the carols that I like to sing, but she sang some hymns in a funny language and when she did it looked like everything was glowing! Mr. Stevens said that his hip was hurting him again and she sang him a song and then it felt better! Amerence was really happy about that. She said it was her magic, and my music teacher says that music is magic so I understand. Sometimes I sing to my teddy bears when they feel sad and it always makes them happy.

I told Amerence about my family and my house and my bedroom. She said that she came from very far away and that if she couldn't go back, she would stay at the church and keep helping people! But then, it started to snow and we went outside to look. I wanted to show Amerence how I make a snowman so we went outside. But then, when I wasn't looking, the snow got really strong and Amerence disappeared! I think she must have gotten that summon she was talking about.

This year, for Christmas, I was going to ask for a different present, but I think that Amerence coming to visit me must have been my special gift. So instead, thank you, Santa! I liked my present very much.


  1. Alabeko & Amerence,

    You ladies are very kind & compassionate folk. Great post/letter of the kind of people your avatars surely would be like in the Real World.

    Merry Christmas & Happy Winter's Veil.

  2. @Draccus
    Thanks for dropping by hon as always, Thank you for your kind words I also wish you a very Happy Holidays to you and your family! <3

  3. What a great post and illustration.
    Nice Job Aka :)

  4. @Cymre
    Thanks for dropping by hon, Yes Aka did a great job! especially the art she illustrated i could never do that. The Letter is awesome too! =)

  5. What a cute gift! Nice work Aka :)

  6. @Navimie
    Yes it is! Aka did a great job! it really reflects how my character in WoW does. =)

  7. @redcowrise
    Definitely loved it! thanks again aka for the wonderful surprise winter veil! =) Happy New Year to you! =)


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