Sunday, February 9, 2014

Shared Topic Idea: Background Music

Hi guys, this week shared topic idea over at Blog Azeroth forums is hosted by yourstruly, I just thought to share this topic for all WoW players out there. Anybody can join and post there opinions about it. The shared topic is schedule for February 8-14th of this year. So here's what I asked for everyone.

"I know that the World of Warcraft game has its own music to play either we are in the caverns, the city, battllegrounds even in raids or pretty much anywhere. The background music loops and plays wherever you go.. but I know some of you prefer to mute and listen to your own music while playing the game.. 

So, I want to know what World of Warcraft Music Background you choose to hear or your own flavor of music while playing the game. Please share this however you like it could be your own composition of songs, a youtube machinima musics related to World of warcraft, any song or videos, this is a fun topic to share because I know you are also curious as I am to know what background music WoW players around the globe listens to besides the default one or even radio stations you listen to. Feb.14 is also the hearts day maybe you plan of listening some love songs who knows! lol"

Anyway, I am looking forward to what you can share about this topic this week till hearts day. As for me What I always listen to when I am playing the game is my Pandora channel. From different genre of songs from R&B, to Love songs, to Hip Hop, dance, classic rock, ballad, reggae, remix, techno, dubstep instrumental anything. I know this topic is very easy so I will also post a video from youtube about some random. remix and medley songs i love to hear while playing the game especially when Im questing or just simply exploring.

And also I've been listening to this interesting theme of music below I really like it!

So I can't wait what you guys like to share in terms of music while playing World of Warcraft, I know that WoW has a default loop music from everywhere you go but sometimes we need some varieties. of course if you listen to your own music make sure to silent the background music via system sounds in game. Anyway, Enjoy the video its a compilation of remix full music. Have a good day! =)

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