Saturday, November 24, 2012

IntPiPoMo 2012: (5/50) Random Pandaria Shots

Hi Everyone, It is that time of the year for IntPiPoMo 2012 Hosted by Angelya at Revive & Rejuvinate Blog, I am glad that I could join again this year, I almost didn't make it. If you want to browse my last years IntPiPoMo 2011 50 Screen shots challenge, just click the links provided or click the "IntPiPoMo" page in my navigation bar list. Anyway, Mists of Pandaria is the new expansion since Cataclysm it has really nice places to check out, So I have a few random shots that I love to share and I hope you will like it too. 


  1. Love them all, but especially that one of the Deep Wilds. It's so stunning and dramatic.

  2. @Erinys

    Heya hon, Thanks for dropping by, Yes I love them all too. I know there's more great places I have not taken a screen shots yet. but so far I like most of these 5 areas so I took them. Anyway, Im about to post another 5 sets or more on the next one and well see what i got lol. Thanks again! =)


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