Saturday, December 10, 2011

Some New Blog Updates!

Hi guys, I just thought to let you guys know that I created a new blog AmerPriest Blog. I invite and welcome you guys to visit me there too. This blog Amerence Love WoW will still be here and just focus on using it for WoW Community Events. But my raiding adventures and my priest will be more focused on the new blog. Also I apologized for not able to post any recent updates since last week here due to the new patch and guild wanted to start clearing the place and I am happy to announce that we did cleared Dragon Soul in 1 week. Also about the Shared Topic This week that was suggested by me, I will post it up tmr. or Sunday last day of the week. Just been busy with not much sleep because of work and raiding. So didn't have much time to do any blog post. Anyway Please spread the news about my new blog! Thank you guys! =) CLICK HERE TO MY NEW BLOG!
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  1. Sounds great! Looks great too (The new blog), great colour scheme =D

    Also.. Not sure if you have seen but I mentioned you in my anniversary/late thanksgiving post:

    - Jamin

  2. @Jamin
    Thanks for dropping by Jamin, I read it and commented! Thank you for such kind words I am honored...and I am also glad that not only you liked the theme of my new other site. =) Thanks! <3


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