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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Shared Topic: Into The Real World

Hi guys, This week Shared Topic Idea over at Blog Azeroth was suggested by yours truly, I thought this would be an interesting topic to talk about. I do apologized for late response on this. I have been busy with raiding with my new guild in Magtheridon, gearing up my priest and work. But Anyway, I will try my best to post something that will just answer the questions I asked. So here goes nothing!

If my main character will be ported out to the real world what will I do?
First I would like to say that since my main character is a human priest I think she can blend in well with the real people. But of course there will always be an initial shock how the hell did i get there. But I gotta make sure to find a shelter.

Where do I stay?
I think the safest place to go to is the church, I am sure a real life priest don't mind me staying the cathedral at least for a day until I figure out how to get back to the gaming world. and then I will visit my summoner Christine to visit her place and probably hang out with her.

What clothes will I where?
As far as clothes, I can always ask the nuns in the church to lend me a clothes and I think its a good disguise and not too obvious to let the real people see me as too colorful because I am animated. or I can always ask Christine to lend me some clothes. 

What food shall I eat?
Some food are familiar to me like bread, milk, pumpkin, cake so I think I can deal with that I am sure Amerence will be delighted to taste the real life food.

How will I use my powers to help the real life people who needs help?
Since I am a priest, and for a day I am able to stay in the church I think I will be able to help with some chores such as assisting them with the Sunday mass, talking to people who needs advice, enlighten them and encourage them not to give up if they are struggling and I will cast Prayer of Mending to each one of them so it will bounce without even knowing it that I casted it and should at least give them positive thinking and encourage themselves that it's not the end of the world and they will lived happily and healthier.

Okay, well sorry if my response to this topic is not very well put. But at least I tried, but for good laughs I was able to watch this video i found in youtube and really laughing my ass off. Leeeeroooyyyy Jenkinnnss! lmao! So here it is! its titled REAL LIFE WOW. The narrator is giving you explaination on each situation so maybe that will give you an idea. =) video was posted by Dogstaglou channel.

Anyway, Thanks for reading and watching the video! Have a great day everyone!


  1. Lol, great place to go. If they think your character looks a little different they'll be too polite to ask!

  2. @Ancient
    Yea! I couldn't think of anything better than in the church its the safest place haha!

  3. Cool stuff :)

    Still in the process of watching the video, thanks for posting!

  4. @Jamin
    Thanks hon for dropping by, I hope you had fun watching that video, its hilarious! lolx


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