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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Shared Topic: Make your own Race

Hi guys, This week Shared Topic Idea over at Blog Azeroth is brought to you by Mia at Chronicles of Mia Blog. She asked: "With the new Mists of Pandaria expansion, a lot of people didn't like the idea of Pandas being part of World of Warcraft. So using the races/models that are available; try your best to mix and make your own race. (ex: You can make half nightelf and half turtle! Or Undead Orcs!) What racials would you include? What classes can this race have?"-Mia

To answer all the questions Mia was asking about, I have read this article from WoWWiki about Races Ideas, a list of different races that could possibly be joining the current races available in World of Warcraft, these creatures that we had fought and killed before are stronger than you think. I will list my choices based on the article linked  above, and see if you also like them or not, give your opinions about it as well. or join the Shared Topic so you can also give your point of view, tomorrow is the last day so hurry and make a post now! Take note that the description posted below are credits to WoWWiki. I just point out what good information about the race I choose that can be a possible new race for World of Warcraft and I did add a little humor because I just like to haha.

My First choice: Arrakoa You may have noticed them during Burning Crusade in Outlands, they have their own unique language, and have greater than average intelligence, they are as smart as gnomes in game. they may look like a bird to you but they don't posses the ability to fly. They are bipedal and otherwise completely humanoid. Besides the looks that could be scary to children running around in Azeroth lol, They are shown to be redeemable and trustworthy creatures. This race could be possible be either both Alliance and Horde factions. They are friendly with draenei and orcs. So this race can be a great addition, don't know about the abilities yet though. What do you think? I can see classes for this race as priest, mage, and shaman.

My Second Choice: Murloc Murlocs live in independent tribes, each tribe to its own village of usually six to twelve individuals. You can see them around Azeroth a lot in large body of water, like around Westfall area? remember the first quest line in that zone yea those little bastards! Fish headed guys!, Anyway, They speak Nerglish. (it is shared with other races of the sea). They have an average intelligence, and worships a Sea Witch (probably Ursula from Little Mermaid lol). They can breath air, but cannot remain out of water for long. Their skin is scaled like a fish and requires moisture to stay supple. They are not very known to Horde faction, so I say this race can only be available to Alliance side. I can see this race being a melee type like warrior and rogues, But what do you think?

My Third Choice: Ethereal First released and seen in Burning Crusade as well, Netherstorm, Nagrand and other areas in Outlands. I like these dudes they look so cool as hell! Some people may dislike the idea of "intergalactic mummies", having seen the reaction to the similarly themed "alien" draenei. Ethereal has a fragmented society already shown to comprise several factions, some of these neutral or friendly to players and some outright hostile. An ethereal's true form is not likely to be playable as it is elemental rather than humanoid. In their true forms they are an insubstantial beings of pure energy, so lack distinguishing features and cannot wear armor (technical difficulty). Horde thinks the technological aspect of  is destructive to them, So this race can be favor for Alliance more. Classes can be possibly anything. What do you think? 

So far these are the three races that I can possibly be able to play in World of Warcraft, also can be a great addition to the races we currently have. If I really like to make my own race for this game? I can't really tell you besides what is listed above of my own choices, as long as I enjoy playing it and having fun I think I am okay. Anyway, That's it for today guys! Hope the link above is a great resource to know what WoWwiki thought about a possible races for World of Warcraft.  Anyway, I also want to know what your choices are? or Did you already make your own race? Please share your thoughts! Tomorrow is the last day for this shared topic to end this week. So hurry! for more information visit Shared Topic at Blog Azeroth Forums, or at Chronicles of Mia Blog. Have a great day!


  1. @Jamin
    I think it would! but I really like the Ethereal better they just look so cool. =)

  2. @Navimie
    Heya Nav, Yea It seems like the winner are the Murlocs! =)

  3. The Arrakoa is a really great idea, and hadn't thought of them. At the same time, I'm surprised I haven't seen more Murloc talk. While I personally don't want to see them as a playable race, I know a lot of others feel the opposite.

    By the way, love the new image header. OH! Speaking of Murlocs, look for a special one to appear on Amateur Azerothian tomorrow!

  4. @Arcanewordsmith
    Yes The Arrakoa is a great idea too, They are humanoid that means its a possible new race but that's up to the Blizzard Developers! lolx Thanks Im glad you liked the header. Just thought to share the 4.3 theme Dragon soul but I am thinking about changing it again for Holiday special. =)


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