Sunday, October 28, 2012

Shared Topic: True Confessions

Over at Blog Azeroth Forums this week's shared topic idea was brought to you by Mataoka of Sugar & Blood blog. It is a very interesting topic where you can actually confess one thing you have done while playing WoW. Some may have more than just one confession, some it is actually embarassing to tell but well see how mine goes.

Matty asks: What is one thing, just one thing, you did that was pretty awful in Azeroth, that you wish you could get some kind of redemption or forgiveness for, or even just get off your chest?
I don't know how related this is towards the game but oh well it is a true confession. This happen years ago, often times we are are too honest, or shy and made white lies as well. In my case, while playing World of Warcraft often you hear over the vent too is the voice of your levleing partner or someone who you love hanging out and playing with in game you know questing, raiding and all that. I am single and was heartbroken that time and while playing the game can't help to think that he maybe someone I can share great conversations with and not just about the game but real life stories as well.
Months or even a years after, you started to get comfortable with this person who you played with and Yes, my true confessions started. I liked the person, and I don't know why I hang out with guys more often than ladies who are playing this game, part of it because there are only like 3-5 ladies in guild only and just mostly guys.
One night while talking in vent, I was about to tell something to him it made me feel so akward and yes embarassing remembering how I don't want to get hurt because of my past relationships and yes the rejection. He actually understand my feelings and he actually confess to me that he likes me. So, I was also surprised because I didn't expect that he felt the same way towards me.  

I feel so embarassed, blusing and really don't know what I felt at that moment. Instead, I logged off from the game and vent. I was talking to myself like "Amer why, did you do that? why did you logged off like that he was still talking with you! your such an idiot!" but okay after an hour or so, I logged back in the game. Don't know what to say after that whole situation.
Anyway, I feel so awful because I didn't talk with him after months and became a year. I don't know here I am I liked the person and I was ignoring him since then, I guess because I didn't expect that he will liked me too. and funny how this all happened that I thought I will be fine, but I wasn't. Now, after all that I just laugh at it because it was kinda childish of me to reach that way. But now, same person after all that years, I even took a break he still talks to me but in the end I did ask for his forgiveness and now we remain good friends.
Funny, how your about to make a confession to someone but backfired at you first. It was so embarassing and the reactions haha it is funny or maybe Im the only one who thinks it is but oh well, liking someone in World of Warcraft it could happen ladies, you never know really. So that ends up my "Love Confession in WoW". After all that trouble, I think I deserved a Glyph of Confession, or maybe for him too. lol!
Anyway, you can still catch up with this week's shared topic by Mataoka. Please visit Blog Azeroth Forums for more. Thank you for reading my post today and Have a good one!


  1. Hey there =)I think most players have had some kind of crush on another player =) I think its kind of hard not to. =) But or bring your love one into the game as my husband did hahaha, now I am stuck in WoW =). Have a great day.

  2. @Jeji and Chaos
    Heya, Thanks for dropping by. I met my boyrfriend for 5yrs by playing online games we started in Ragnarok Online then World of Warcraft. But unfortunately, we are not together anymore sadly, but we remain friends at least. Yea playing with someone is fun and having to help each other is a good thing i think too. Anyway, have a great one! =)


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